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Thejo is always committed to making a difference in the existing material handling systems thereby increasing the efficiency and profitability of the operations and making the environment clean and safe. In line with our vision, in addition to supplying world-class products that make bulk material handling clean and safe, Thejo also offers various services that complement our products and make them perform better and improve the customer’s return-of-investment. Thejo offers a host of value-added services to complement its wide range of products which include;

Any equipment, however good it is, need to be installed properly to get the best results out of it. Thejo has a well trained professional team that installs and maintains all the products supplied by us at the customer's site. Thejo also imparts training to the customer’s technicians to carry out installation and maintenance safely and properly. Our teams are strategically located at various locations from where they could attend to the customer calls immediately without any delay.

Conveyor Audit:
Thejo offers Comprehensive Audit Programs to assess the conveyor system with the goal of improving its efficiency and productivity. We have a dedicated team of experts with years of experience and vast knowledge in the subject to assist the audit programs. Audits normally include assessment of carrying Back, Belt Sway, Spillage, Fugitive Dust, and Flow through Transfer Chutes. Each audit is customized to meet the requirement of the particular conveyor system and the issues faced by the customer. The inspection usually includes a thorough walk of the conveyor, documentation of issues and root cause analysis. The audit is followed by a detail audit report with the identification of issues accompanied by photographs and solutions for the identified issues with an offer to implement the solutions.

Total Spillage Control:
Total Spillage Control involves control of all kinds of spillage from the conveyor like carrying back, spillage from skirts, dust generation and ensuring centered loading of material on to the conveyor. Under the Total spillage control service, Thejo audits the conveyors, implement remedies for the problems identified and maintain the conveyor spill free for a contracted period of time. The period can be extended on mutually agreed terms. Under this offering, Thejo allocates a dedicated team of service personnel who inspects and maintain the spillage control accessories on a regular basis. The team monitors the spillage levels regularly and submit reports to the customer at regular intervals. Payments are directly linked to performance indices. All operational spares for the installed accessories shall be under Thejo’s scope, during the entire contract period.
Silo Cleaning Services:
Silos store various types of materials such as gypsum, clinker, cement, soda ash, etc. Most of these materials are hygroscopic which absorbs moisture and solidify and stick to the walls of the silo reducing the usable volume of the silo and gradually blocking the flow of material through the silo. This results in loss of revenue due to unexpected stoppages and loss of valuable material. Manual cleaning is most commonly employed to clean the silos which involves sending personnel inside the silo to clean the silo walls. This is highly hazardous and a huge safety concern. Thejo offers a completely automated Silo Cleaning Service which knocks off the build up on the Silo walls with out human interference inside the Silo. We offer the complete equipment and crew required to break down the blockages inside the Silo to retain the normal flow of material and attain full storage capacity of the Silo. The equipment typically consists of a motorized whip attached to an adjustable boom which can be inserted into the silo from the top. The whip can be operated by a single person from outside the silo using a control panel thereby eliminating the need of hazards associated with confined space entry. The rotating whip breaks the build up inside the silo and cleans the silo wall much faster than conventional methods thereby saving valuable production time. This is a completely dry process with no water contamination or use of chemicals and explosives.

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