The state of the art manufacturing plants offer wide range of engineered products, equipment and customized solutions to clients. Consistency and quality are the key drivers behind our successful manufacturing operations.

Our facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, evident in our operations and practices. Dedicated manpower, long-term supplier relationships and state of the art machineries, equip us to manufacture the widest assortment of materials and reduce lead time to the suppliers.

Our range of machinery, technical competency and human resource enable us to deliver on the promoters vision of supplying global markets with top quality products. It is also one of the main reason why today many international Original Equipment Manufacturers outsource their requirements from THEJO.

Manufacturing Plants in India
  • Unit 1 – Rubberized Products
  • Unit 2 – Belt Conveyor Accessory Products
  • Unit 3 – Belt Conveyor Care Equipment
  • Unit 4 – Industrial Adhesives
  • Unit 5 – Corrosion Protection
  • Unit 6 – Polyurethane Products