Corrosion Protection PTFE Linings & Bellows

PTFE Linings & Bellows


Thejo Supplies Fabricated PTFE lined Pipes and fittings and PTFE Bellows which has the high molecular weight structure provides an outstanding resistance towards a wide range of chemicals. Combined with their superior non-stick properties and wide temperature range of fitting and bellows made of P.T.F.E. are the ideal problem-solvers for virtually all aggressive applications.

Salient features of Thejo's PTFE Linings and Bellows:

  • Wide Ranges of Reinforcements.
  • Temperature Range From -70°C to +260°C.
  • Extremely Low Frictional Characteristics.
  • Working Pressure up to 10 MPa.
  • Zero Moisture Absorption.
  • Less Abrasion.
  • Nonflammable .

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