Corrosion Protection Expansion Joints & Bellows

Expansion Joints & Bellows


Rubber Expansion joints are parts of piping systems for fluid and gaseous media and It is a flexible connectors for the construction of pipe systems. It relieve system strain by reducing vibration and noise and compensate static or dynamic movements caused by thermal change, load stress, pumping surges or construction settlement. They also compensate assembling inaccuracies (misalignment during installation) and can be used as pipe insert pieces to facilitate inspections.

Thejo has the state-of–the-art technology to manufacture the acid alkali resistance Rubber Expansion joints and Rubber Bellows sizes ranging from 25 mm Dia to 3000mm Dia with Natural and synthetic rubber polymers, reinforced with fabric and steel cords suitable for vacuum, pressure and temperature ranges up to 120deg.c services.

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