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Thejo offers rubber sheeting in both unvulcanised and Pre-vulcanised form. The products vary from both Natural and Synthetic Rubber formulations to suit applications such as chemical processing and storage tanks, rail road tankcars, FGD scrubber units, paper and textile, food processing tanks, flanged pipes and fittings, equipment, separators, fume ducts, filters, pressure and vacuum vessels etc. The Mining industry requirement of dry and wet abrasion resistance products in accordance with BS-6374-part-5 and IS 4682-Part-1, is yet another prime focus of the business.

Thejo has validated many rubber formulations with polymers like Natural soft, Natural hard, Ebonite, Polychloroprene, Butyl, Chloro Butyl, Bromo Butyl, EPDM, Hypalon, Nitrile, Silicon, Viton rubbers in order to meet the different service conditions required by various industries. TELCOR range of compounds are designed and validated for various type of Vulcanization process such as , Cold bond cure, Pressurized Autoclave cure, Atmospheric pressure cure and Hot water cure.

TELCOR sheeting are manufactured under the strictest of production norms using both Calendars and Roller Die extrusion for hot process while the Pre-vulcanized rubber sheets come from Sheet presses and Rotocure machines.

The advantages of TELCOR Rubber sheets are,

  • Uniform Hardness and Thickness.
  • Free from blisters, air bubbles, crow feet marks and imperfections.

We have well equipped R&D to develop and validate any rubber formulations to meet various customized service requirements.

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