Abrasion and Wear Protection Wear Resistant Panels

RHINOCER Ceramic embedded rubber liners


In areas where there is heavy abrasive materials handled conventional rubber, metal , PU or UHMWPE liners may not be able to provide effective wear solutions. Thejo RHINOCER lining systems go far beyond survival. They deliver the benefits of extended wear life on the production line, reduced maintenance and far less downtime. High Alumina content wear-resistant ceramic tiles are moulded in resilient rubber & polyurethane to produce a complete system of tough, durable ceramic lining products. The combination of Rubber/PU and ceramics give advantages of better bonding and superior wear properties. High Alumina content tiles of up to 95% provide superior resistance to wear & also promoting the floe of material.
Rhino Cer liners are available in different profiles to suit with a particular application.

  • RhinoCer P - Plain Ceramic,
  • RhinoCer R - Rod Ceramics,
  • RhinoCer H - Hexagonal Ceramic
  • RhinoCer PA – Medium Duty Ceramic with anchoring
  • RhinoCer PA(HD) – Heavy Duty Ceramics with anchoring

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