Transfer Point Solutions Belt Trackers



DYNATRAK is a state-of-the-art technologically advanced belt tracking system patented by Thejo. The DYNATRAK for carrying side of the belt features a patent pending DynaLink mechanism. It incorporates the ‘Garland Idler’ concept which allows the belt to run in its natural ‘U’ trough, and helps in self-centering of the belt. The DynaLink mechanism connected to the actuating rollers on either side of the belt swivel the modular tracking units through a series of dynamic links, to track the belt back to its true line.

DYNATRAK return tracker incorporates rubberized multi-roller design at an inverse ’V’ configuration. It is applied from top of the return belt unlike the conventional trackers. This eliminates the risk of carry back material build up on the rollers, thereby ensuring proper alignment of the belt as well as longer service life.

DYNATRAK belt trackers are designed to respond even to the minute deviation of the belt and fix it immediately without allowing it to escalate.

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