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Over Four decades ago, a dream grew into a vision, plans rolled out into action, and two men's steely resolve forged new beginnings... Founded in 1974 as a partnership between K J Joseph & Thomas John, Thejo was the result of that dream!

More than 4 decades later, the company which started in Chennai, India, as a partnership firm has transformed into a Listed Public Limited company with global establishments across Australia, Brazil, Chile and Saudi Arabia.

The Board of Directors, constituted of experienced professionals from various facets of the industry, is headed by Mr.K J Joseph ( Chairman ), Mr.Thomas John ( Vice Chairman ) and Mr.V A George ( Managing Director ). The second generation of the promoter families are actively engaged in the daily operations and head various functions of the company.


Pioneers of conveyor belt Splicing by cold vulcanizing process, In-situ pully lagging & In-situ recapping of conveyor belts.

India's Leading industrial solution provider for belt conveyor based bulk material handling systems, mining & mineral processing and corrosion protection application.

Acclaimed top quality manufacturer of equipment and products with State-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities based in India.

Actively engaged in R&D and Intellectual Property registration

First company to be listed in National Stock Exchange of India – EMERGE platform

Clientele include Steel plants & Foundries, Power plants, Mines, Port facilities, Cement & Fertilizer producers, and a wide range of OEM’S and Engineering firms.

Business Vision

To establish THEJO’s global footprint as a leading engineered solutions provider for bulk material handling, mining, & corrosion protection industry.

Who We are

Thejo is a Public Limited organisation having the unique distinction of being the first company to be listed in ‘EMERGE’, the SME platform of the National Stock Exchange of India. The family of the original promoters hold the majority stake of the company while the balance ownership rests with financial institutions and a few individuals. The continuous good performance of the company has seen the award of “A3+” rating by CRISIL.

What We Do

Thejo is a leading global engineering solutions provider engaged in the Bulk Material Handling , Mineral Processing & Corrosion protection industry. The organisation offers comprehensive solutions that comprise of product & services catering to various fields of operation such as Conveyor care, Transfer points of belt conveyors, Wear and abrasion, Filtration, Dust management, Corrosion protection and Industrial Safety. The organisation has a wide technical service base with more than 500 trained, qualified technicians manning various industrial installations globally. Through its direct global network of offices the company caters to Australia, Saudi Arabia, Brasil and Chile. The organisations global focus is continuously widening with establishment of distributors for various markets.