The Assurance of More
Operation & Maintenance


  • Standard operating procedures (sop) are prepared for all activities such as step by step instructions for start up, shutdowns, changeovers, material tracking, quality control, material processing, safety, inventory tracking etc.
  • Sop’s are made available for all operating personnel and in all control rooms.
  • Annual production planning is made which will be broken down to monthly and daily targets.
  • Operation of main plant equipment and auxiliary units are done and monitored from main control room/local controls or on manual basis as per design of the plant.
  • Quality control is carried out and monitored as per sop.
  • All reports are generated in every shift.
  • Standard maintenance procedures (smp) are developed for all maintenance jobs relating to all equipment, plant wise, section and area wise.
  • Annual maintence programme is made in compatibility with the production requirement of the plant.
  • Monthly and daily maintenance schedules are made, taking into consideration of operation requirement also.
  • Maintenance jobs are planned based on inspection, OEM recommendations, history and defect lists, RCA reports and reports generated through condition monitoring.
  • Resources (spares, consumables, men and tools) are planned as per schedule.
  • Jobs are executed with the help of smp’s
  • Shut down, safety and start up and stabilisation as per smp.
  • Management information and monitoring system (mis) is generated on daily basis.