Belt Washing System


Installed as a secondary cleaner along the conveyor’s return run, the Belt Washing
System provides the ultimate in belt cleaning technology.

Each Belt Washing System can be customengineered to match your cleaning
requirements. This spray wash system will be supplied in a watertight metal enclosure
fitted with water service and a drain. Each Belt Washing System consists of a steel
enclosure equipped with rollers, spray bars,and Secondary Belt Cleaners. THEJO
CONDOR Belt Cleaners are standard part for the equipment.The spray wash system
shall consist of pressure rollers to hold the belt in position. The same will not be part of
standard supply.

The box is be fitted with a water spray bar with nozzles positioned to wet the entire belt
width and flush out the box through the installed drain. The water softens the carry back
and provides lubricity to allow the maintenance of effective cleaning pressure. The wash
system shallbe fitted with multiple secondary cleaners to provide complete removal of
fines and water from the belt surface. The shall allow easy inspection and service through
a watertight access door.


Multiple Belt Cleaners with TC blades.
A Pressure rollers to hold the belt in position against the cleaners.
Necessary Mounting hardware.
Two SPRAY BARS with Nozzles and Valves.
Center Discharge Enclosure


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