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Over three decades ago, a dream grew Into a vision. Plans rolled out into action. And two men's steely resolve forged new beginnings. Thejo was the result of that dream. Set up by K.J. Joseph and Thomas John in 1974 as a company providing maintenance of belt conveyor systems, Thejo has grown today into India's foremost solution provider in the bulk material handing, conveyor systems, mineral processing and corrosion protection sectors. Building on the founders' vision and bringing a touch of professionalism to the company is V.A. George, the dynamic President and CEO of Thejo Engineering.

Pioneers in the cold vulcanizing process in India, Thejo is unique in its position as a company with facilities for manufacturing, sales as well as servicing of specialized engineering products, all consolidated under one comprehensive umbrella. Thejo's commitment to customers, dedication to deliverable and consistent control over quality have seen the company grow surely and steadily into a front runner  in the field, with a market share of over 70 percent.

Our Vision

  • To emerge as a world class leader in the field of total maintenance pertaining to bulk material handling systems.

Our Mission

  • To efficiently manage an investor owned Company engaged in the manufacture of quality Rubber Products.
  • To emerge as a reliable leader in the Maintenance of bulk material handling systems before 2015.
  • To strive for a balance among various products.
  • To earn optimum and long term profit while offering viable products and services par excellence.
  • To ensure the steady growth of the Company.
  • To strive for the well being of the employees and their families and their mental, physical and emotional growth.

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